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Musical Accomplishment

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Dec. 14th, 2016 | 10:54 pm

I'm back from my Christmas concert. I wrote a theme and variations on a whimsical carol for brass that went REALLY well. The brass want to make it an annual tradition. That was a highlight. The lowlight was I thought my ex-manager came into the venue, and I flubbed a solo I've played four times before. It wasn't her. Yes, nothing has come of this. I think I'm in the clear for having to work together again, but I want to ask in-person. Texting just doesn't seem right, and we do cross paths now and then, just not always when it's most convenient for such a conversation. Boo. Patience, I guess, not that I have a lot. I wish I knew how exactly to proceed, because me doing the general action of asking isn't an issue.

Yes, I haven't been posting like I have in the past... still. I've been ridiculously busy. Writing something that isn't career-driven seems like a bit much, right now.

My car is still an issue. A friend wants to take a crack at working on it. I either need it fixed or I need another car. The clock is ticking for Christmas.

Work sucks. I am not fond of my setting, but i do like that I have a job. I am frantically searching for something else. I've been interviewing, and I may hear tomorrow, regarding another. Here's hoping.

That's it for this evening, Of course, there is so much more in my life. I'm tired, and a days'-long fever broke this morning. We're having a polar vortex. The ex-manager thing is bothering me. I'm trying to life weights again. Resumes. Networking. Energy healer. Angry lesbian. Medical bills. Rogue One tomorrow night. Leave a comment if you wish. Later.

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from: thia007
date: Dec. 17th, 2016 02:08 pm (UTC)

You are a busy man! Well just keep in mind that change is inevitable. We may not always like the change,but it will come. Also regardless of what it looks like or feels like from your side of the table-you've came a grest distance from where you were before. Try to remember to stop and find those little moments that bring you joy and savor it,they are few and far between fleeting litlte moments only you'll know... ;)

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