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Distance of Memories

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Jan. 24th, 2017 | 11:45 pm

Today would be Angela's birthday. The impact of these memorable dates have lessened over time. As I've previously mentioned, I no longer reflect much outside of this blog, but when I do, I still feel a little astonished that I had that life. Perhaps, I still feel a little astonished, because I don't take the time to reflect. That seems lamely philosophical. It's still a sad reality. I think I need a little light therapy. I'll call about that tomorrow.

My sister visited my grandmother's old house. The workers showed what they were doing for renovations. It sounds cool, but the reality is that the interior will look little like it did before. Those are memories. It's interesting to think about someone new owning the home for the first time in close to 70 years. Wow. The familiar fruit trees are now all gone, as well. It's a strange reality. It also doesn't help that my grandmother is still missing from half the family.

Life really does look very, very different from not that long ago.

My brother's trial is Friday. I still don't know all the details. I think that I need to find the time to travel home and have a come-to-Jesus meeting with him. Even if it doesn't come to the big potential charge, he needs to realize that his choices now will affect a lot in his future.

Anyway, that's where I am. Well, I did have an issue while grabbing a drive-thru order for someone. A customer kept talking about the size of the sign. At this point, I turned on the camera to project a view of myself. She said, "Oh my, God. You're huge!" My reply was, "That's what she, umm, *clears throat*, I'm kind of tall in real life."

Leave a comment if you wish. Later.

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